Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Design for All

A great ad and a long overdue thank you to the work of unknown industrial designers everywhere (OK and perhaps those unknown fashion and interior designers and architects too). While a few known names seem to get all the pub, some of which are not even real industrial designers but actually architects in disguise, most industrial designers toil in anonymity all day and all night in search of that perfect balance between form and funtion. The little bit of satisfaction a good design can bring to consumer experience is what makes it all the wortwhile to any good industrial designer. Not sure why Isaac Mizrahi got to sneak his name into this ad, but the otherwise generic utilitarian approach is a nice way in which to raise the level of awareness and educate the often too materialistic brand oriented American consumer pays to good product design.

Entering The Boohbah Zone

It was about 5am a year ago now that I found myself dazed and confused sitting with my wide-eyed and very awake daughter wanting to 'watch-a-movie' on TV and not go back to bed. That's when we discovered boohbah, and liked it. What intereted me most was the music, a kind of ambient techno reminiscent of an Eno or Kraftwerk composition. It sure beat anything for example that I had heard by Barney, Thomas the train engine or even the Wiggles for that matter. The reason why I bring it up now is having heard about the latest SpongeBob accusations that, as a result of his appearing on a video sponsored by an organization that promotes tolerance and diversity, he is being labeled as an alternative lifestyle advocate simply translated, pro-homosexual by what appears to be a conservative right wingish family organization. Not only is this ridiculous, but so to will be the day that we are told not to watch Boohbah any longer because they promote tolerance for alternative alien lifestyles rather than good old fashioned wholesome heterosexual homo sapien ones.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Winter Weather Wonderland

Before you know it, it will be February already and after that, we'll be traveling to DisneyWorld, but that's another story for another post, but for now its all about the snow! Coming off a strong 15"+ snow fall this weekend it looks like we are in for another 2-4" tonight. My only hope is that somehow someway we get some more moisture mixed into each snowflake so I can finally build a snowman my daughter can be proud of and be the envy of all those in the neighborhood.


Need to travel light? It only takes one airplane ride with the kid to leave you wondering if there is a better way. From the car seat, to the stroller, to the diapers, to the pack and play, before you know it you have everything you need for your small one and nothing for yourself. That's where inflatables come in. I took a beach ball with me on our last trip as a toy for our daughter to play with and it dawned on me...what else can we deflate and travel with, taking up minimal space, put air into at the other end, and provide either hours of fun or functional bliss? From inflatable toys to inflatable car seats or play pens even, the possibilities are endless...

Monday, January 24, 2005

restart and redo

OK, after much deliberation, and about a month of not posting anything, I decided that a journal of my thoughts and ideas, while maybe best suited to myself and no one else, would be the best use of the blogging medium for the time being. So while I do not expect to figure out how to gain a large internet following drawing lots of hits, and make money while I sleep, or perhaps even corporate recruiting and large advertising endorsement deals to evangelize the next hot thing for middle-aged middle-class white americans, it will none the less be a creative outlet for me. Too many days go by that I think about somethiing that I forget the next day which could have been the next best thing since sliced bread, or brought a smile to the face of my wife during dinner after a tough day at the office, so what better place than here to try and put finger to keyboard to document it rather than forget it.