Monday, January 24, 2005

restart and redo

OK, after much deliberation, and about a month of not posting anything, I decided that a journal of my thoughts and ideas, while maybe best suited to myself and no one else, would be the best use of the blogging medium for the time being. So while I do not expect to figure out how to gain a large internet following drawing lots of hits, and make money while I sleep, or perhaps even corporate recruiting and large advertising endorsement deals to evangelize the next hot thing for middle-aged middle-class white americans, it will none the less be a creative outlet for me. Too many days go by that I think about somethiing that I forget the next day which could have been the next best thing since sliced bread, or brought a smile to the face of my wife during dinner after a tough day at the office, so what better place than here to try and put finger to keyboard to document it rather than forget it.


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