Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Word Of The Day: Mobisode

I think I was in 6th grade, the year was winding down, and the teacher asked the class, what new words might you find in the dictionary next year? At that time the consensus in the classroom was 'watergate'. If that same discussion took place at the end of this year perhaps the word would be, 'mobisode'. Aside from its initial appeal perhaps to mostly 6th graders (provided they have enough cash), short video-clips of your favorite TV drama or soap opera are coming to America for your cellphone today. Still want to watch? While it is not yet in the dictionary you can read lots more about it on the web today by the BBC's Stephen Evans, or the Washington Post's Yuki Noguchi. While we witness the dawning of a new video medium unlike Cinema, TV and the Internet before it, initial experiments will most likely meet with only marginal success. I certainly do not think the slam dunk highlight reel is as in your face as it is on the big screen, or that a talking head sitting in front of a big flat screen message board makes sense for a 2" LCD screen, nor do I want to watch Gilligan's Island reruns...my neck gets stiff just thinking about it. Pricing plans aside, its going to take a lot of trial and error to hit upon that perfect (or almost perfect) balance between, what works on a 2 inch LCD and what an American consumer has enough patience for, in order to create a truly unique piece of content apropos of being called the first successful mobisode.


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